The Internet of Everything will fuel an amazing future: John Chambers weighs in

Staying connected has become so integral to our daily lives that more and more of us are carrying multiple, connected devices. Devices such as phones, laptops and tablets immediately come to mind. But what happens when people, process, data, and things — like our fridges, cars and thermostats –become connected? As Cisco’s Chief Futurist, Dave Evans explained, the real value of the Internet of Everything lies in the value of connections between these everyday items.

And amazing things can happen when we start to make these connections.

Now, Cisco CEO and Chairman John Chambers is weighing in with his thoughts on how the Internet of Everything will shape our lives. With the fast pace of change and the extraordinary technology that is changing the way we live and work, he reminds us that it is easy to take our connectedness for granted:

“We often don’t even think about all the innovation behind our connections, but it’s mind boggling when you actually consider just how much getting connected has revolutionized nearly every facet of life over the past two decades.”

It’s true, and what comes next will be even more amazing. Connected devices in the Internet of Everything will have new capabilities like context awareness, increased processing power and energy independence. These new abilities will create richer, more valuable data, enabling better decision making.

But that’s only the beginning. You can read the full blog from John Chambers here to see how he believes the Internet of Everything will fuel an amazing future. Then join the conversation on social media – we want to know, what do you wish you were connected to?

Be sure to use the hashtags #InternetofEverything #TomorrowStartsHere and #IoE in your response.

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About Jeff Seifert

As Chief Technology Officer for Cisco Canada, Jeff Seifert provides technical guidance and direction in key advanced and emerging technologies and go-to-market strategies. His work with many governments, enterprise and service provider customers in Canada and globally is influencing how Cisco brings products to market. During the past sixteen years at Cisco, Jeff has been involved in the successful introduction of many new technologies from the early days of the Internet, through the first deployments of VoIP and IP Telephony through to new transformational video solutions. Through this time he has worked to ensure that Canadian customer requirements are reflected in the products and architectures that Cisco brings to market. He shares a passion with organizations that wish to improve the lives of citizens whether it be serving rural Canadians, using technology to improve healthcare or enhancing education. Seifert was appointed a Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco's highest technical distinction, in August 2003. As an individual who represents the pinnacle of Cisco's technical and sales expertise, he is responsible for transforming customer demand into innovative solutions that companies can utilize in an effective and efficient manner. Prior to joining Cisco in 1995, he held financial, management, and technical positions at Bell Canada, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and IBM Canada. Seifert has achieved double CCIE certification, including Routing & Switching CCIE in 1996 and Voice CCIE in 2003. He holds a Bachelor in Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.
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