Please Welcome Garth Scully!

I’m pleased to introduce Garth Scully to our small and mid-size business-focused blog series. Garth will be a contributor to our discussion and brings with him a wealth of experience in technology innovation and the small and mid-market business sector.

Garth joined Cisco 13 years ago and is now Vice President of Mid-market and Small Business for Cisco Canada, leading the strategy development and sales execution for key customer segments.  He actively works to understand his customers, their business and their business’ needs. 

Prior to becoming VP of Mid-market and Small Business, Garth contributed to growing Cisco Canada in various roles. In 2000, he began leading Cisco’s Federal Sales team in Ottawa. Under his guidance, the team significantly grew Cisco’s sales presence in the federal public sector over a span of eight years. In 2008, Garth relocated to Toronto where stepped into the role of leading the New Enterprise Transformational Sales team before transitioning into another leadership role for Central Canada’s Multinational Partner team in 2011.

Prior to joining Cisco, Garth sharpened his IT knowledge and management experience at GE Capital IT Solutions in various executive roles, including Vice President of the Ottawa/Atlantic Region.

When Garth’s not mastering IT solutions for customers and partners, he likes to spend his time in Toronto with his wife of 29 years, Lori, and their daughters.

We’re thrilled to have Garth Scully as a contributor to our blog series. We hope you enjoy his thoughts and insights as they come to you from our blog, and as always we welcome your comments and ideas.

Garth Scully, VP

Garth Scully, VP of Mid-Market and Small Business

Read Garth’s full biography here.

About Rod Scotland

As the national architectures strategy manager of mid-market solutions for Cisco Canada, Rod Scotland is responsible for leading the technology alignment and national technology strategies for Canadian midmarket and SMB solutions. Since joining Cisco in 1999, Scotland has held several positions in the areas of consulting engineering, solution selling and strategic business development. He has extensive experience with Cisco technologies and has provided expertise across the Customer and Partner Led business segments. Prior to Cisco, Scotland worked in data networking at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). He then held a position as a convergence expert with Lucent Technologies where he provided enterprise solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Scotland majored in general business and information systems management at Mohawk College. À titre de directeur de la stratégie nationale des architectures de solutions destinées aux marchés d’entreprises de taille moyenne chez Cisco Canada, Rod Scotland est responsable de la direction de l’alignement des technologies et des stratégies nationales en matière de technologie pour le marché des entreprises canadiennes de taille moyenne ainsi que des solutions destinées aux petites et moyennes entreprises. Depuis qu’il s’est joint à Cisco en 1999, M. Scotland a occupé divers postes à titre d’expert-conseil en ingénierie, ventes de solutions et développement stratégique des affaires. Il détient une expérience étendue des technologies Cisco et a offert son expertise dans les segments clients et les segments de marché pilotés par les partenaires. Avant d’être chez Cisco, M. Scotland a œuvré dans le domaine de la mise en réseau de données chez Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Il a ensuite occupé le poste d'expert en convergence chez Lucent Technologies où il offrait des solutions d'entreprises aux sociétés du Fortune 500. M. Scotland a obtenu un diplôme en administration générale et en gestion des systèmes d'information au Mohawk College.
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