From Old to New: The Internet of Everything Transforms Utilities, Telecom and Transportation

If you are like me, I often think of the past and where my journey has taken me. I believe that historical events shape decisions and directions that in turn, drive new opportunities and possibilities. In my experience, history has a way of repeating itself in a transformational way.

The other day I was flipping through old family albums and came across two photos taken last year when I had the surprise opportunity to visit my great-granddad’s old home in Ottawa.

Lovingly called “Lornado,” the house has been home to U.S. Ambassadors since 1935.

Lovingly called “Lornado,” the house has been home to U.S. Ambassadors since 1935.

I am sure my great-granddad hated cutting the grass.

Even though I never met great-granddad, Warren Y Soper, I’ve learned that he was known as a terrific magician, an excellent Morse code operator, an industrialist and storyteller. I’ve read that when he first settled in Ottawa, trolley cars where pulled by horses, homes where heated by coal and streets were lit by gas lanterns. I also learned that Warren had a great vision in the power of electricity. This may explain why I am an Electrical Engineer.

And it is through his vision that he connected with Thomas Edison and transformed the City of Ottawa.

Former Ambassador David Jacobson and Cisco’s William MacGowan at Lornado, 2012

Former Ambassador David Jacobson and Cisco’s William MacGowan at Lornado, 2012

Transformation came in the forms of the Ottawa Electric Railway, the Ottawa Power Company and the Ottawa Telephone Company.

When I think about this transformation, I feel connected. Not only to my granddad, but to the passion for electricity’s transformational power. I am interested in much more than simply the study of electrons running down the wires. I am focused on the fact that electricity drives the connectivity of our global Internet.

Connectivity is the enabler and igniter of inspiration, which we refer to at Cisco as the Internet of Everything.

The Internet of Everything is a phenomenal driver that is unearthing tremendous differentiating business value and driving next generation performance in education, healthcare, finance, retail, residential, utilities, manufacturing and transportation.

Performance metrics including Capex, Opex, TCO, Productivity and Sustainability are front and center with business leaders and stakeholder teams. These very same metrics are also being applied to the collaborative design, construction and operation of our buildings, campuses, communities, cities, provinces and country.

So as Warren envisioned electrical transformation back in the late 1800’s, I look at the transformational power of electricity and the Internet of Everything in the forms of:

Cisco Smart City

Cisco Smart Grid

Cisco Smart Transportation

As I look ahead like many of you, I ask you to embrace your journey and enjoy the world of transformation. A world transformed by the Internet of Everything.

On your next quiet autumn day, flip through your photo albums and let me know how your past has shaped your passion and vision. How is the Internet of Everything driving your future? Let me know in the comment section below.

About Bill MacGowan

Bill MacGowan is a Vertical Solutions Architect (VSA) for Cisco’s Smart + Connect Real Estate and Smart + Connected Communities Business Team in Canada. Bill has been involved in the new construction and retroft industry for the better part of 30 years. Bill is a former Project Leader in product development for General Electric and the former Energy and Automation Manager for Dominion Food Stores. Bill worked as the Commercial Sales Manager for Honeywell and became the VP of Sales and Marketing for Toronto based Enera Controls in 1989. Bill worked in the Building Automation Systems market in the Toronto area for a number of years and joined Delta Controls, one of the global leading manufacturers of Building Automation and System Integration Platforms in 1994. Bill has been intimately involved with the progress of open communication standards and the promotion of Delta Controls product on a global basis. Through the practical experience of building and positioning an independent controls company and then focusing on customer needs (performance, sustainability, energy) on a national and global basis, Bill has developed considerable knowledge in the arenas of Converged Building Systems, Enterprise Integration and the Delivery of High Performance Business Value. Bill is an honors graduate of the Queens University Electrical Engineering program (1976) and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with the American Energy Engineers (AEE) Association. Bill resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bill MacGowan est architecte de solutions verticales (VSA) pour l’équipe professionnelle Immobilier intelligent et connecté et Communautés intelligentes et connectées Cisco au Canada. Bill a participé activement au secteur de la construction de nouveaux bâtiments et des rénovations durant près de 30 ans. Bill fut chef de projet du développement de nouveaux produits chez General Electric et responsable du département de l’énergie et de l’automatisation de Dominion Food Stores. Bill a ensuite occupé le poste de directeur des ventes commerciales chez Honeywell et, en 1989, il fut nommé vice-président des ventes et du marketing de l’entreprise Enera Controls basée à Toronto. Bill a travaillé dans le marché des systèmes d’automatisation de la construction dans la région de Toronto durant plusieurs années pour accepter un poste à Delta Controls, un des premiers fabricants internationaux de plateformes d’intégration des systèmes et d’automatisation de la construction en 1994. Bill s’est impliqué personnellement dans l’amélioration des standards de communication ouverte et dans la promotion des produits Delta Controls de manière générale. Grâce à son expérience pratique dans la création et l’établissement d’une société de contrôles indépendante, et grâce à la priorité accordée aux besoins du client (performance, fiabilité, énergie) à une échelle nationale et internationale, Bill a acquis des connaissances considérables dans les domaines des systèmes de construction convergents, d’intégration d’entreprise et de valeur commerciale à hautesperformances.Bill est diplômé spécialisé du programme d’ingénierie électrique de la Queens University (1976) et est titulaire du certificat Certified Energy Manager (CEM) auprès de l’Association Energy Engineers (AEE) des États-Unis. Bill vit à Toronto (Ontario) au Canada.
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2 Responses to From Old to New: The Internet of Everything Transforms Utilities, Telecom and Transportation

  1. Lynn says:

    Warren was an innovator. I can only imagine what your great granddad would have done with the Internet of Everything.

  2. Lynn thanks so much for the feedback. With the IoE I am sure Warren would have taken his vision globally.

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