Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP) – FAQ

The Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP) is in full swing, and I thought I could address some of the questions we have been receiving over our Cisco Canada Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. I also asked recent CSAP graduates Nalini Raman-Wilms, Associate Sales Representative, and Ronn Aggarwal, Associate Systems Engineer, to chime in and tell me some of the questions that they had when applying to the program.

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Q – Ronn Aggarwal:  What is expected of me throughout the interview process and program?

 A – Tania Dunn:  There are three rounds of interviews:

1.  30 minute one-on-one interview

2.   Video resume round where you are asked to answer a question relating to Cisco on video in two minutes

3.  Assessment Center.  The assessment center is the final round and includes; a technical quiz, an interview, a presentation and a role-play.   All materials for preparation are sent about two weeks prior to the assessment center. 

 For the program, we are looking for determination to succeed, certification study, focus, flexibility and for associates to seek and learn from feedback.

Q – Ronn Aggarwal:  What is the role of an Associate System Engineers (ASE)?

 A – Tania Dunn:  ASEs are presales consulting engineers who use their technical expertise to translate customer requirements into integrated solutions.

Q – Nalini Raman-Wilms:  As an Associate Sales Representative (ASR), what are some of the possible career paths, what roles do some of the previous ASR’s have today?

 A – Tania Dunn:  After successfully completing the CSAP program, associates have the ability to apply for open positions in the field. Account managers will either move towards field sales or channels roles.

 Field sales progression can look like the following: 

  • ASR – VAM (Virtual Account Manager)
  • MM TAM (Mid-Market Territory AM)
  • Comm AM (Commercial AM)
  • AM I/II/III (Multiplie levels of AM in every role)
  • Enterprise MAM (Major AM)
  • GAM (Global AM)
  • Client Exec – RM (Regional Manager)

 Channel (Partner facing) progression can look like the following:

  • ASR – VAM – VPAM (Virtual Partner AM)
  • Emerging CAM (Channel AM for engineering partners)
  • SP CAM (Can be part of a service provider team)
  • CAM (managing you own partner/s)


Q – Ronn Aggarwal:  In the course of the program, do I need to complete any certifications?

 A – Tania Dunn:  Yes, there are a number of certifications that need to be completed as part of the program. The ASE’s will be asked to acquire their CCNA and CCNP. The ASR’s will also be asked to acquire some of the sales specialist certifications (Cisco Sales Expert, Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist…)

The CSAP program offers the best training and support early in your career! It is a great program, and one that I highly recommend for recent graduates. Look out for more blogs in the near future regarding commonly asked CSAP questions.

Do you have any questions? Comment in the section below.

About Tania Dunn

Tania joined Cisco Canada in 2005 as a Systems Engineer, working with a wide variety of channel partners and customers in the commercial, channel and public sector segments. Since July 2012, she has worked in the Technology Solutions Network (TSN) where she is responsible for the development and alignment of the Toronto TSN hub as well as managing and providing mentoring & coaching for TSN Associate Engineers (ASE's). Prior to joining Cisco Canada, Tania was part of the Cisco Sales Associate Program as an ASE. Tania s'est jointe à Cisco Canada en 2005 en tant qu'ingénieure des systèmes, travaillant avec bon nombre de partenaires et de clients du réseau dans les secteurs commerciaux, réseaux et publics. Depuis juillet 2012, elle est affectée au Technology Solutions Network (TSN) où elle est chargée de développer et d’harmoniser le concentrateur TSN de Toronto, ainsi que de gérer et de fournir mentorat et encadrement aux spécialistes en ingénierie de réseau associés du TSN (ASE). Avant de rallier les rangs de Cisco Canada, Tania faisait partie du Programme des représentants adjoints de Cisco en tant qu'ingénieure adjointe (ASE).
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59 Responses to Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP) – FAQ

  1. Tiehan Zheng says:

    The programm sounds so interesting. I have several years of technical sales background working experiences in Germany, in the filed of transmission network. I am not sure I am the right person for this programm and how I can apply for this.

  2. Jayanth Krishna says:

    Can an experienced ISR also apply for this role?

    • Sara says:

      Dear Tania Dunn , i have been interviewed for ASR Egypt , CSAP program , passed the interview successfully with score 24 out of 30 . I submitted the 2 minutes video and received this feedback :

      “We would like to thank you again for submitting a 2 min video as part of your application to the Cisco Sales Associate Programme.

      We appreciate your patience throughout the interview and selection process. The standard of all videos we received was very high and after careful consideration, we regret to advise you that we will not be moving forward your application at this time.”

      I am trying to know a more detailed feedback on the video to learn more and to develop my skills , Is there a way for that.?


  3. Tania Dunn says:

    Hi Tiehan!

    I’m not sure if you are referring to the ASR or the ASE role, so I am going to respond with both. The eligibility requirements for the ASE role are:

    Undergraduate or graduate degree (minimum bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree)
    Graduated from an accredited university prior to program start date
    Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher or equivalent in your academic program
    Electrical, Computer, or Networking Engineering, Information Technology, MIS, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics degree preferred
    Technical support, presales support, installation, or sales experience in the technology industry preferred
    Fluent in English, written and verbal
    Must be able to legally live and work in the country for which you’re applying, without visa support or sponsorship (student visas or visas obtained on your own are not applicable for the program)

    Eligibility for the ASR role:
    Undergraduate or graduate degree (minimum bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree)
    Graduated from an accredited university prior to program start date and within 27 months of program start date
    Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher preferred or equivalent in your academic program
    Fluent in English (written and verbal), as well as fluent in local language for country of application
    Sales experience required (including retail sales, corporate internships, or entrepreneurial programs)
    Business, Sales, Marketing, Communications, Information Technology, Computer Science, or Finance degree preferred
    Must be able to legally live and work in the country for which you’re applying, without visa support or sponsorship (student visas or visas obtained on your own are not applicable for the program)

    To apply for either role, you can navigate to the following link (View all full time positions):

  4. Tania Dunn says:

    Hi Jayanth!

    Good question. Experience is a great asset to have, but we also ask that applicants are within 27 months of their graduation date. I hope this helps!

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Tania,

    I have applied for the CSAP program at Cisco for the ASR role. I have applied for the “Bangalore, India” location. I will have about 24 months of Sales experience at the start of the program, and will be within 27 months of my graduation (MBA).

    Typically, when does the screening of applications start? And if selected, when can one expect the interviews to be held? I also noticed that there is no code for this role. Are employee referrals not allowed for this role?

    Thank you.

  6. Tania Dunn says:

    Hello Aashith!

    We are currently reviewing all applications for the ASR role in India so you will hear from the recruiting team in the next week regarding the status of your application.

    If selected the interview process will start immediately with round 1 being the video resume submission followed by round 2 – webex interview then finally if you pass the first two rounds an Assessment centre on cisco campus in Bangalore next month.

    I hope this answered your question.

  7. Cyrus says:

    Hi Tania,

    I applied about 3 weeks ago for the ASE position starting in January 2014. I know there is a July opening as well. I was wondering if application review/ screening is ongoing for the January window.



  8. Minseok Kang says:

    Hi Tania,

    I have applied for the CSAP program at Cisco for the ASR position yesterday. I have applied for the “Seoul, South Korea” location. Because the there wasn’t certain deadline for the turning in the application also job opening is still available on the web site. so I want to know am I too late because I applied Nov 29th? Also, if it’s not late, when does the screening of applications start? and when can I hear the next procedure? please let me know thank you

  9. Hi Tania
    I have been selected for the ASE CSAP Singapore webex interview and was informed that the recruiting team would be contacting sooner. I was wondering how would WebEx interview be like? As in ,would it be technical or HR? Could you brief me on that please?

  10. Cyrus says:

    Hi Tania, In reference to my previous post, I am in Canada



    • Tania Dunn says:

      Cyrus, thank you for responding! The deadline for the Canadian intake in January as well as for July was at the end of October. The links for the next intake are usually posted around the July/August timeframe so please check back.

      Thank you.

  11. Minseok Kang says:

    hi Tania, I got your reply, and I know the applications for korea is now closed.
    but I applied when it was opening( I saw Hiring Now), thats why I applied.
    can you consider my application??? please…

  12. Ore Okeb says:

    Hi Tania,

    My case is similar to Cyrus and Minseok’s, I applied for the ASE position in Canada at the end of October but didn’t get an email. The link says hiring now so I kept applying but nothing yet. Is it possible to be considered for July? Please advise

    Merry Christmas

  13. Hi Tania,

    Just found the opportunity to join the CSAP. Could you please help me on the following:

    My skill set seems to be very close to the requirements – I’m CCNA from 2008 and will finish with the CCNP in 2014, have strong IT background along with Bachelor degree in Engineering. But the case is I’m in the immigration process and will be a Permanent Resident of Canada till the end of 2014. I’m a EU resident as of now (Czech Republic).

    So should I apply for the program in such conditions or it’s better to revert back after the immigration done? Or it’s possible to transfer from Europe to Canada during the 1st year of the CSAP?

    Thank you in advance!
    Best Regards.

  14. Amanda says:

    Hi Tania,

    What is the timeframe to apply for an ASR position in Canada and the United States?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tania Dunn says:

      Hi Amanda,

      We have currently filled all ASR positions in Canada/US for our July 2014 start date. You can expect to see the position opened again in July-August 2014 timeframe.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Michael Yang says:

        Hey Tania,

        Is there any way to have an application on hand for the July 2014 start date? Or are applications completely closed?

        I only found out about the sales program this week, but I feel like I am a perfect fit for the company.

        – Mike

  15. Hi Tania
    I have been selected for the CSAP assessment center round in Singapore for ASE-APJC. I have few doubts regarding the Role play round.They are as follows.

    1. In the solution to be proposed to the customer, should the estimate be told, or jus the plan of what could be done with what services Cisco provides would be enough?

    2.The solution need contain the technical details of the products?

    3. Am I allowed to carry few papers or a plan of what I had in mind in paper when I do the roleplay and also in the presentation round?

    Kindly let me know.

  16. Edward Kiragu says:

    Hi Tania,

    I have applied for an ASR role in Kenya. Having looked at the possible career paths above in relation to taking up the CSAP program, I would like to know whether it is possible to digress into a more technical role after doing the program and if there are opportunities for one to be an ASE having pursued the ASR path.

    • Tania Dunn says:

      Hi Edward,

      Thank you for your question. The ASR position is truly a sales focused role. If you are interested in getting into a technical position following two years, there are many ways to network at Cisco and find the career path that you would like to puruse.

  17. Gehan says:

    Hi Tania
    i would like to know if i have chance in applying for Associate Sales Representative – program as i i’m electrical engineer graduated in 2006 and have CCNA certificate

  18. Tania Dunn says:

    Hi Michael Yang,

    Can you please tell us where you are located?


  19. John Paul says:

    Hello Tania, I also applied for this program but I have some doubts as to whether I am eligible. I graduated in late 2010 and pursued a further diploma in Japan between September 2010 to around March 2011 and after returning, joined Hewlett Packard as an intern. In late 2012 I joined the HP Sales graduate program for a year, that makes me more than 27 months post graduation.. Am I still eligible?And will the sales experience at HP boost my portfolio?

  20. Hi Tania ,

    Thanks for answering out most of my questions through the FAQ , it was quite informative.

    But I have small query regarding the intake process .I just cleared my CCIE – Security and I am working as a Pre-Sales Engineer , I want to apply for the role of CSAP – ASE for the Bangalore,India location . Are you accepting applications for the July 2014 program ? And will my current certifications and experience will be advantageous through the CSAP tenure ?


  21. Khalila says:

    Hi Tania,

    I have applied for Associate Systems Engineer in Canada on March 11, 2014. Do you think i will be considered for the July 2014 intake?

  22. Khan says:

    Hi Tania,

    I already applied for ASE Toronto. I am finishing all my study courses in July2014 and will be graduating in August2014.

    Will I be considered and shortlisted ?


    • Tania Dunn says:

      Hi Khan,

      Unfortunately, a candiate must graduate prior to their start date. You could be considered for the January 2015 start date, but you would need to reapply for that position. It is not posted on our site just yet but stay tuned!


  23. RR says:

    Hi Tania,

    Do I have to have a certain GPA in order to be able to apply

    • Tania Dunn says:


      Thank you for your question. Yes, to apply for the position you would need a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, or equivalent in your academic program.

      • Ali says:

        Hi Tania,

        Is there any specific requirement of working experience for applying ?
        What in case of fresh graduate and having just summer job experience ?

        Do you recommend someone in this situation to apply?


  24. Tania Dunn says:

    Hi Ali,

    No previous work experience is necessary to apply for the role.


  25. Prathik Shetty says:

    Hi Tania, I have applied for the ASR graduate program (EMEAR-UAE )which is starting from July 2014.I am based out in India with a one year experience of Technical Presales in providing Data solutions.To be frank Cisco is what any engineer if keen towards networking wants to be a part of and so do I.Thats why i wanted to know how much time will it take for the recruting process to start because i have recieved a mail saying that my resume is under process…please do revert ..

    • Prathik Shetty says:

      Also do lemme know will i be considered for july 2014 process

      • Tania Dunn says:

        Hi Prathik,

        For the Cisco Sales Associates Program, you must be a permanent resident or citizen of the country the candidate is applying to. Unfortunately, we are not able to support a visa for the UAE position.

      • Antony says:

        Hello Tania, I wish to inquire if the July 2014 csap-Emear positions have been shortlisted.I did apply about 2 months ago for Nairobi-Kenya.My application ia still active but until now have not received feedback.Thanks.

      • Tania Dunn says:

        Hi Antony,

        The recruitment has been completed by EMEAR region. We are in the process of following up with recruiters. We will get back to you shortly.

        Thanks for reaching out.

  26. Godfrey says:

    Hello Tania,
    I’d like to inquire about the EMEAR-Kenya Program. I applied over a month ago for the 2015 program, to date i haven’t received any feedback.
    I’ll appreciate your response.

  27. bgofrey says:

    Hi Tania,
    I wish to inquire about the EMEAR-ASE 2015 Program in kenya. I applied over a month ago and so far there’s no feedback received. When will the shortlisting begin, and when do successful applicants expect to join Cisco?


  28. Tania Dunn says:


    The team is currently reviewing resumes. Our lead recruiter in EMEAR is currently on holiday. Please expect a response upon her return.

    Thank you!

  29. Nick Kosichek says:

    Hi Tania,

    Were the Toronto CSAP postings for the January 2015 intake already closed?

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