Five years and counting: Cisco Unified Computing System

This week marks the 5th anniversary for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).  What an exciting milestone for us.


When I joined Cisco back in 2010, I was hired as the 1st UCS dedicated Account Manager in Canada.  At the time, we had just 2 UCS customers in Canada and 127 worldwide.  In my first 6 months on the job, we had completed over 50 UCS proof-of-concepts to help customers with the adoption of our UCS platform. We focused all of our time on proving the benefits of UCS, which included simplified management, operational savings and ease of scalability. We dedicated ourselves to understanding our customers and building best of breed solutions with our partners.

There were many that questioned if Cisco would be successful in this space.  Cisco has long been a leader in the data centre, with our Nexus 2000-7000 purpose-built switches, but the x86 market is very different and has many strong competitors that have years of experience.


In just 5 years, UCS has experienced unprecedented growth both in adoption by customers and in the number of support resources available.

We now have over 1,400 UCS customers in Canada (30,000+ worldwide), are #2 Blade vendor in the Americas and have 45 certified Canadian DC partners that work with us to sell our blade portfolio.

As I reflect on our success over the years, I wanted to personally thank all our customers, partners and Cisco account teams — we could never have done this without your dedication, support and trust.

I look forward to our continued partnership.

About Damian Serjeant

Damian Serjeant is the General Manager of Data Centre technologies for Cisco Canada. In this role he leads a national sales team and is responsible for Canadian growth within Cisco’s data centre portfolio, and data centre partner and ecosystem communities. Previously Serjeant was Cisco’s first dedicated UCS Account Manager in Canada, joining the organization in 2010. Prior to his current role, he was a key member of the Enterprise Data Centre organization and assisted in the development of the UCS partner network in Canada. Serjeant has over 10 years of experience in the server and business application market. Prior to joining Cisco he held strategic sales roles at both IBM Canada and the business partner community. Serjeant holds a bachelor of commerce (B.Com) degree in information technology from Ryerson University. Damian Serjeant est le directeur général des technologies des centres des données pour Cisco Canada. Dans ce rôle, il dirige une équipe nationale des ventes et est responsable de la croissance canadienne au sein de la gamme de produits Cisco destinée aux centres de données et est également chargé des partenaires en centres de données et des communautés d’écosystème. Auparavant, M. Serjeant était le premier directeur de compte affecté aux produits UCS de Cisco au Canada, ralliant les rangs de l'entreprise en 2010. Avant d’occuper ses fonctions actuelles, il était membre haut placé du groupe des centres de données pour grandes entreprises et a contribué au développement du réseau de partenaires de distribution des produits UCS au Canada. M. Serjeant possède 10 ans d’expérience dans le marché des serveurs et des applications commerciales. Avant de se joindre à Cisco, il a occupé des postes stratégiques en vente chez IBM Canada et auprès de la communauté des partenaires commerciaux. M. Serjeant détient un diplôme de baccalauréat en commerce (B.Com) spécialisé en technologies de l’information de l’Université Ryerson.
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