The Reason Your Business Needs Video Technology

Recently I read a fantastic article titled “Let People See Your Face!” Although the message of the piece was to encourage coworkers and managers to pick up the phone or visit in-person with colleagues rather than over email, I couldn’t help but think of video technology as the happy medium (literally) in this scenario.

The article’s author makes a tremendous point, arguing – correctly – that decisions made face-to-face or over the phone take less time and build better relationships between employees than those made via email.  And because of this, they have a much greater, positive impact to a business’ bottom line than email communications.

But there is another way to meet with colleagues face-to-face. One that doesn’t require travel (and the subsequent hefty travel expenses) and can be initiated as easily as a phone call.


Video enables productive and efficient face-to-face meetings between employees separated by hundreds, or thousands, of kilometres. To the point of the article – let people see your face.

Yes, traditionally this would mean through an in-person encounter. But if you can’t physically be in the same place as your employees – what then? When the choice is to communicate by email (which is okay), phone (which is good) or by video conferencing (which is better), which would you choose?

To see how we are incorporating video technology in our own communications at Cisco, I invite you to attend an upcoming lunch and learn for a behind-the-scenes look at our Toronto office.

Why focus on our office? Because we believe that the tools you use impact the space you are in.

Video screens require dedicated working areas so employees can brainstorm and collaborate, and we believe that the office space should evolve with technology and the culture of work.

The lunch and learn will demonstrate how the technology in our Toronto office considers our own working styles and enables us to share thoughts and ideas with people next to us – or across the world – with equal ease and clarity.

We have a saying around Cisco. We like to say that our video technology creates an experience “that’s better than being there.” I agree. The question is, do you?

To learn more about our workspace series visit our Workspace Webinar homepage, see what else we’ve had to say on this topic and watch our previous sessions on-demand:

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About Kimberley Behnan

Kimberley Behnan is the Cisco Canada Market Manager, Collaboration and Cross Architectural Team Lead. With over 25 years in sales and marketing roles within the high-tech sector, she has a proven track record of impacting bottom line growth with relevancy programs extending from awareness to loyalty. Kimberley holds a Business Honors degree at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Kimberley Behnan est directrice de marché de Cisco Canada, chef de l'équipe responsable de la collaboration et de l’architecture transversale. Possédant plus de 25 ans d'expérience à occuper des postes de vente et de commercialisation au sein du secteur des hautes technologies, elle a une feuille de route exemplaire et a eu une incidence sur la hausse du chiffre d'affaires grâce à des programmes de pertinence allant de la sensibilisation à la fidélisation. Kimberley est titulaire d'un baccalauréat spécialisé en commerce de la Trent University de Peterborough, Ontario.
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  1. Marc Lijour says:

    Stay tuned for classroom2.0, engaging and delightful, to develop those 21st century skills needed in the workplace.

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