Energizing Canadian Utilities at UTC Canada 2014

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is truly transforming the world we live in. As we become increasingly connected in our daily lives, and as industries transform their business by enabling intelligent connections between, people, process, data and things, our energy demands, usage patterns and conservation efforts will invariably change.

Energy conservation has become increasingly important. Consumers are experiencing a wave of smarter devices, such as appliances that optimize energy consumption based on use and self-learning thermostats that optimize our heating and cooling. Interestingly enough, I was recently offered an intelligent thermostat from my local utility that could also monitor and manage energy consumption for my air conditioner, and pool pump, to assist in conversation and usage efforts.


The days of “set and forget” for a static environment are long gone. Consumers and smart devices are playing an ever-increasing active and dynamic roll in energy consumption and conservation.  For Canadian utilities, their electrical distribution systems will evolve to become more intelligent and reliable to meet the fluctuating demands during peak and off-peak times, and also to become bi-directional to receive energy generated from homes and business.

In Canada, BC Hydro has led the way in modernizing their electrical grid. In partnership with Itron and Cisco, this effort has resulted in the implementation of the worlds’ first IPv6-based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network connecting over 2 million smart meters. The end result is a two-way intelligent electrical system that will improve reliability, safety and customer service.

To amplify our IoE/Smart Grid solutions, Cisco Canada is please to be a gold sponsor at the 2014 Canadian Utilities and IT Telecom Conference (UTCC) to further educate and collaborate with customers and partners. In addition, this year we are especially proud to partner with innovative Canadian smart grid companies Powertech Labs and Bit Stew Systems. Collectively we will to demonstrate next generation capabilities highlighting innovation and solutions for enabling secure, smart grid networks in the areas of Advanced Metering and Distribution Automation.

With a projected 50 billion devices connected by 2020, the Internet of Everything needs to be intelligently powered! Let’s collectively move forward to enable the Canadian Utility industry to do so while also keeping energy conservation in the forefront.

Looking forward to see you at UTC Canada and if you are there please drop by and visit us at booth 101!

You can also view the conference program to see where Cisco is presenting during UTC Canada 2014.

About Victor Woo

Victor serves as the GM for the Internet of Things (IoT) for Cisco Canada. As one of Cisco’s top priorities, IoT extends internet technologies to devices within industrial markets (Manufacturing, Utilities, Transportation, Machine to Machine, etc). He currently oversees sales and business development initiatives for IoT related activities within the Canadian marketplace. As a 17 veteran of Cisco, Victor has held previous roles in systems engineering (CCIE 3838) and sales for various markets including banking, public sector, manufacturing, retail, hi tech and service provider. For his achievements in sales excellence, Victor has earned Chairman’s Club Award three times at Cisco - a distinction that is reserved for the top 1.5% performers personifying, customer satisfaction, leadership, teamwork and innovation. Prior to joining Cisco, Victor held positions at Nortel Networks in Product Management and Information Technology. Victor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering and Management Sciences from the University Waterloo. À titre de DG, Victor dirige les initiatives relatives à l'Internet des Objets (IdO) pour Cisco Canada. En tant que l'une des principales priorités de Cisco, l'Internet des Objets prolonge les technologies Internet aux périphériques utilisés dans les marchés industriels (fabrication, services publics, transport, machine à machine, etc.). Il supervise actuellement les initiatives de développement des ventes et des affaires pour les activités liées à l'IdO sur le marché canadien. Fort de 17 années de service chez Cisco, Victor occupait auparavant des fonctions en ingénierie et vente de systèmes (CCIE 3838) dans divers marchés notamment dans le secteur bancaire, le secteur public, le secteur de la fabrication et de la distribution, ainsi que dans le secteur des hautes technologies et des fournisseurs de services. Pour ses réalisations et pour avoir fait preuve d'excellence dans le domaine des ventes, Victor a gagné à trois reprises le Prix du club du président chez Cisco - un honneur réservé au 1,5 % des employés les plus performants personnifiant la satisfaction à la clientèle, l'initiative, le travail d'équipe et l'innovation. Avant de se joindre à Cisco, Victor a œuvré au sein de Nortel Networks dans des postes de gestion de produits et de technologies d'information. Victor détient un diplôme de premier cycle en ingénierie des systèmes et sciences de la gestion de l'université Waterloo.
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