How Does Your Business Know When it’s Ready for the Cisco Business Edition 6000?

Today, there is one undeniable truth in the technology industry: technology must enable businesses to meet the communication needs of their employees and customers today, while laying the foundation for additional value-rich services tomorrow. After all, if your products aren’t built for today with an eye on tomorrow, what value are you providing customers?

That truth is why we developed the Cisco Business Edition 6000. Designed for the mid-market and customers with their eye on growth and scalability, it’s not like anything else on the market.

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The Business Edition 6000 delivers best-in-class communication and collaboration capabilities that are simple and fast to deploy, manage, and use. It’s designed with simplicity to meet your business needs and grows with the pace of your business.

Or, in other words: the Business Edition 6000 is an integrated single-server solution that enables businesses to package the exact communication and collaboration services they need to meet current IT demands, with the ability to add collaboration capabilities to support business growth in the future.

But one of the biggest challenges mid-market companies are facing is how do they know they are ready for Cisco Business Edition 6000?

It’s a fair question, and one that deserves attention. So how do you know if your business is ready for the Business Edition 6000? Ask yourself these questions…

Is your business currently using multiple vendors to serve your business needs?
Cisco’s Business Edition 6000 is a complete service offering, meaning you only need to engage with a single vendor. The Business Edition 6000 offers essential communications (voice, messaging, management and connectivity) and advanced collaborative tools (video, IM and presence, conferencing, call center, etc.) in one. It also supports third-party business applications and endpoints to make interoperability seamless. In short, it will simplify your current collaboration system by providing a packaged collaboration solution for all your business needs.

Have you outgrown your current system?
Is your current IT solution running out of licenses or dropping customer calls? Is it struggling to provision new users and keep up with the pace of hiring? The Business Edition 6000 is a scalable and highly available solution that has the ability to grow and change with the pace of your business. Here’s the proof: the Business Edition 6000 has the capability to support from 25 to 1,000 users – and that’s across all your collaboration needs – making it the perfect solution for small to mid-market businesses.

Are you struggling to support a remote workforce?
Times are changing and employees often work remotely. If your employees haven’t asked to work remote yet, they will. And when they do, can your IT solution keep them connected and secure?

The Business Edition 6000 is equipped with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), a solution that helps ensure calls are connected to the right person the first time and lays the foundation for IP and video connectivity. And mobile collaboration capabilities such as Single Number Reach allow you to move calls between mobile devices and desktop phones transparently.

Is your current IT solution unable to handle BYOD in the office?
Mobile devices are becoming the norm in the workplace, and if your current IT solution is unable to manage employee device usage that’s a serious problem. As a business, it is vital that your solution is able to accommodate employee device usage by offering a secure, consistent experience across devices. That’s why the Business Edition 6000 is designed specifically to manage mobile devices, seamlessly supporting all remote and mobile workers.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, your business is ready for the Business Edition 6000.

For more information visit our website. To purchase the Business Edition 6000 through a local Cisco reseller, use our online tool.

About Garth Scully

Garth Scully is Vice President, Midmarket and Small Business for Cisco Canada and leads the strategy development and sales execution for key customer segment. Garth oversees a team of territory business managers who work closely with inside sales, marketing, and partners. Garth joined Cisco Canada in February 2000 with a wealth of IT and management experience. For 8 years, he led Cisco’s Federal Sales team in Ottawa, building a dynamic and successful team and significantly growing Cisco’s sales presence in federal public sector. In 2008 Garth relocated to Toronto to lead the New Enterprise Transformational Sales team before transitioning into a leadership role for Central Canada’s Multinational Partner team in 2011. Prior to joining Cisco, Garth worked for GE Capital IT Solutions (GECITS) where he served in a variety of executive roles, including Vice President, Ottawa/Atlantic Region. Garth attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Garth now lives in Toronto with his wife of 29 years Lori and their daughters Lauren and Megan. Garth Scully est vice-président du segment des petites et moyennes entreprises pour Cisco Canada et dirige le développement stratégique et l'exécution des ventes pour les segments des clients clés. Il supervise une équipe de directeurs commerciaux régionaux qui travaille de près avec les ventes internes, la commercialisation et les partenaires. Scully s'est joint à l'équipe Cisco Canada en 2000 avec une solide expérience dans le monde des technologies de l'information et de la gestion. Il a dirigé pendant huit ans l'équipe des ventes de Cisco pour le segment du gouvernement fédéral à Ottawa. Durant cette période, il a mis sur pied une équipe prospère et dynamique et a participé à l'augmentation de manière significative des ventes de solutions Cisco dans le secteur public fédéral. En 2008, il a été nommé à la tête de l'équipe des ventes de transformation pour de nouvelles entreprises avant de faire la transition au poste de direction pour l'équipe de partenaires à l'échelle multinationale en 2011. Avant de se joindre à Cisco, Scully travaillait pour GE Capital IT Solutions (GECITS), où il a occupé une grande variété de postes, incluant celui de vice-président pour la région d'Ottawa et de l'Atlantique. Scully détient un baccalauréat en économie de l'Université Western en Ontario.
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