Visiting Toronto’s Pearson Airport? Be sure to check out our new Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock!

We have exciting news to share – an indoor version of the Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock is now welcoming visitors at Toronto Pearson! Like the original clock installed at Nathan Philips Square last July, the new Countdown Clock is engaging visitors and TO2015 fans as we are getting closer to the Games.

Clock Tweet Pearson

Cisco Canada and TO2015 counted down 100 days to the Games at Nathan Philips Square on April 1st and we are delighted that the Countdown Clock at Pearson is helping further enhance the Games experience for athletes and visitors flying in from all corners of the world.

How so? Well, for one the Clock allows Pearson visitors to get the latest updates on the Games from the   moment they arrive in Toronto. Secondly, it isn’t just a Clock but also a social portal, allowing visitors to use an interactive camera to take pictures with friends and family, and then share them via e-mail or across social media from the Countdown Clock’s photo page. Check it out at

 Clock IMG

The Countdown Clock is a unique made-in-Canada technological innovation, fully funded by Cisco and constructed by ecosystem partners X2O Media, a Barco Company, and Fourth Wall, a division of Pattison Outdoor Advertising. Cisco’s iServices platform driven by Cisco Cloud, in conjunction with X2O Media’s software platform, drives real-time content to the displays.

A couple quick facts about the Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock at Toronto Pearson:

  • Stands 2.5 metres tall.
  • Weighs 364 kilograms.
  • Features a touch screen technology enabled by a Cisco IEC4632 Interactive Experience Client
  • Made with a metal frame and aluminum cladding exterior
  • Fully funded and constructed by Cisco and its partners


Stop by the Countdown Clock if you happen to be at Pearson and we hope to see you at the TO2015 Games!

About Rishika Jha

Rishika Jha is the public relations manager for Cisco Canada. In this role, she works with the corporate affairs, sales, marketing and industry transformation teams to provide social media, corporate communications, media relations, press release strategy and support. With a varied background in public relations, Rishika is passionate about all things communications and loves partnering in the success of Cisco Canada’s communications initiatives. Rishika Jha est directrice des relations publiques au sein de Cisco Canada. À ce titre, elle travaille avec les équipes responsables des affaires de la société, des ventes, de la mercatique et de la transformation de l'industrie afin d'élaborer et de mettre en œuvre des stratégies et d'offrir du soutien en matière de médias sociaux, de communications d'entreprise, de relations multimédias et de communiqués de presse. Rishika, qui possède des antécédents variés en relations publiques, est passionnée de tout ce qui touche à la communication et aime participer à la réussite des initiatives de communication de Cisco Canada.
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