Introducing Cloud-Scale Networking in a 100G World

A few weeks ago, we announced a transformative technology offering for our service provider customers:  software solutions for cloud-scale networking.

At the time, Cisco’s SVP for service provider, Kelly Ahuja, had this to say about the announcement:

As cloud-based traffic scales, there will be a need for a transformed network and IT architecture and operational model. The new measuring stick for service delivery in the era of digitization is focused on operational efficiency, optimized utilization, and service agility.


At Cisco, we’ve been working with many large web-scale providers to develop innovative solutions to this problem. And today, we’re proud to announce cloud-scale networking for service providers, which will bring the IT operational model to the wide-area network.

Kelly explains that the introduction of this software comes at a time when cost and agility are critical business drivers, and that our service provider customers can leverage these solutions to improve the flexibility and scalability of their offerings.

But the value of cloud-scale networking goes much further than that.

This is a significant announcement for the entire Canadian service provider community. Cloud-scale networking addresses the increased demand for 100G networks, which has become the new standard for service providers, and provides an agile infrastructure from which Canadian providers can rapidly deliver services using standardized, programmatic interfaces.

This technology was originally developed to meet the needs of the very high scale web companies, and it will change the current economic, scalability and agility expectations of service providers.

It also has the potential to disrupt current networks.

But don’t just take my word for it. Register for our December 1st Knowledge Network webinar on meeting the requirements for cloud-scale networking, and discover if the technology is right for you.

About Mark Kummer

As Vice President, Service Provider Canada, Mark Kummer is responsible for all sales and support for Cisco’s service provider business in Canada, serving telecommunications service providers, cable companies, Internet service providers, wireless providers, and utilities. A 20-year veteran of the information technology and communications industry, Kummer has extensive experience within the global service provider community that spans from infrastructure to managed service sales. Kummer has served on the board of the European Competitive Telecoms Association and actively participated in forums to engage UK service provider bodies and regulators. Kummer holds a bachelors degree in engineering from King’s College at the University of London, and a masters’ degree in engineering from London University’s Imperial College. En tant que vice-président, Fournisseur de services pour le Canada, Mark Kummer est responsable de toutes les ventes et du soutien offert aux fournisseurs de services de Cisco au Canada, notamment aux fournisseurs de services de télécommunications, aux entreprises de câblodistribution, aux fournisseurs de services Internet et sans fil et aux services publics. Fort de 20 années d’expérience dans l’industrie des technologies de l’information (TI) et des communications, M. Kummer possède une vaste connaissance de la communauté globale de fournisseurs de services, et ce, dans divers domaines allant de l’infrastructure jusqu’aux ventes des services gérés. M. Kummer a été membre du conseil de l’European Competitive Telecoms Association (ECTA) et a participle activement à des forums visant à inciter la participation des organes de contrôle et des organismes de réglementation des fournisseurs de services au Royaume-Uni. Il est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en génie du King’s College, à l’University of London, et d’une maîtrise en génie de l’Imperial College de la London University.
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