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Ali Afshari is a 15-year veteran of the security industry, with 5 years experience at Cisco Canada. As Cisco Canada’s director of enterprise security sales, Ali works with Canada’s largest financial institutions and service providers on their security strategy. His passion is to ensure security is embedded into every aspect of IT, approaching it from an architectural view across organizations. You can follow Ali on Twitter at @Ali_Afshari for ongoing updates of security news in Canada.

Security architect? Why you need one!

It never fails. Walk into any IT department and ask who is responsible for the overall security architecture. Whether you ask the network guys or the consultants, chances are you will get a lot of different answers and even more … Continue reading

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Understanding Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations

I have been in the security field long enough to know that software based intelligence is certainly not enough in an industry where your attackers are well educated, collaborate extensively and have a purpose. The latest political and financial attacks … Continue reading

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