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How to enable your employees to collaborate anywhere, anytime, instantly

Having worked in the world of video conferencing for close to a decade now, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be able to work in a ‘Collaboration Wonderland’, where I have access to solutions which make it easy … Continue reading

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Productivity Through Mobility: Levelling the playing field for midsized businesses in Canada

People speak a lot about Canada being a unique nation.  Our size is immense and yet we have a unified national identity that spans from coast to coast to coast.  We are country of entrepreneurs competing in a global arena.  … Continue reading

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Small and Mid-Size Business Technology Implementation: Q&A with Mario Seguin of Medwave Optique

I recently spoke with Mario Seguin of Medwave Optique, a long-time valued Cisco partner, to gain a better understanding of how he counsels his customers in the mid-size business sector to purchase the right technology for their business. We also … Continue reading

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Canada’s Time of Opportunity or Peril?

When it comes to Canada, and the great base of employee talent that exists in this country, I’m an unabashed optimist. Despite the serious challenges we face as a nation around our generally poor labour productivity and weak innovation, my … Continue reading

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Canada’s Businesses Need to Unleash Collaboration

Many Canadian businesses are inhibiting Canadians themselves when it comes to being productive and innovative. People in this nation are among the most active and savvy of social media users in the world right now, and the research suggests the … Continue reading

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Join Me at the Toronto Board of Trade Lunch on December 13

The old world of nine-to-five workdays has come and gone. Workplaces today are rapidly transforming. The entire nature of work has dramatically changed and will continue to change. I’ll be speaking about these topics and much more during a keynote … Continue reading

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The Lang and O’Leary Exchange Utilizes Cisco TelePresence

TelePresence (TP) is truly an experience that should be seen in order to be fully appreciated. The Cisco technology is an absolutely amazing collaboration tool and I can only describe the experience of TP as the closest thing to being … Continue reading

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